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Hey there.

Thanks for following posts on The Second Floor Penthouse.  Some of you have been following my updates for years, and I’m delighted to share what’s going on with you.

It has finally happened that I’m admitting I’m spread too thin.  I can’t do it all.

So I’m closing down The Second Floor Penthouse blog and will be updating everyone at

I’d be honored if you’d pop over there and subscribe to the email updates.

Each of you are important to me, part of my life.  I want to keep in touch and hear what’s going on with you.  So please join me at Paul Bright Films which is now the main site for all the projects I’m working on.

Thanks.  Thanks. Thanks.


With a Song in My Heart

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Written and performed by Shy-Shy & Gary in Corvallis, Oregon, this intimate recording session took place Monday night.

Shy Nolde, vocals

Gary L. Nolde, vocals and guitar

Steve Oder, bass

Adam Scramstad, electric guitar

What do you think of the theme song for FORGOTTEN HERO?

FORGOTTEN HERO in the Proverbial Can

•April 2, 2013 • 1 Comment

This morning I ran the last loads of laundry and scrubbed the mudroom floor.  FORGOTTEN HERO production is now complete.

In ten days of shooting we collected 14 hours of footage and about 900 different files of shots. I got all the coverage I planned, learned more things about my camera, and was able to add additional small scenes that I’ll use for transitions.

We also managed to stay within the miniscule budget. This was the least expensive film I’ve ever made.

After I take a break for a couple weeks I’ll begin the tedious process of syncing the sound to the footage and then begin editing.

My target for completing the film is September.

I’d be honored to have you join us for news and updates at

The Night Before Filming

•March 17, 2013 • 1 Comment

And all through the cabin

the crew prepared to film

a movie full of stabbin’.


Patrick arrived

from Austin intact.

After sampling Oregon beer

he’s sleeping in fact. 


The cast are at home

preparing their lines

Awaiting the first day

we shoot in the pines. 


And I at my desk,

naked as a jay,

am calling it a night

to be ready the next day.


A thriller we’ll film,

with blood and suspense

Funded by you

our beloved aud-ience. 


Sleep well, my loves. 

We’ll do the same.

Tomorrow adventure begins






A Week From Today We Jump in the Fray

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Not really. 

The FORGOTTEN HERO shoot is organized and everything is falling into place. The cast is amazing, and as far as I can tell, will be a lot of fun to work with. I’ve got the best soundman in the land flying in Sunday. Business owners and even the city are eagerly opening their doors for our shoot. It’s all going right. 

Tell that to my body, which decided to launch a massive migraine attack over the weekend, segueing into a full instant diet plan today.  I’m back to wearing the same size as I did in junior high. Give me a tutu and I could audition for Ballet Trocadero. (After a few dance lessons.)

The only outstanding concern is finishing the financial campaign to pay for making this movie. The hard drives, digital cards, and all that stuff is paid for and on its way from Amazon. I still need to feed this cast/crew and put gas in their tanks.

If you can help I will certainly appreciate it.  The cast will appreciate it. My crew will appreciate it. Even my cats will appreciate (but don’t expect them to show it).

Donors who fund FORGOTTEN HERO get the digital download of the full feature film before it releases to the public. You paid to make this movie, you reap the rewards.

Every donation makes a big difference.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.  Just don’t try this diet plan, you wouldn’t look good in a tutu.


Two Weeks from Today

•March 4, 2013 • 3 Comments

We will film.

FORGOTTEN HERO, the suspense thriller about a combat vet who moves in with a family in the isolated Cascade mountains, is almost ready to shoot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are fully cast. Mathew Bostrom stars as the returning soldier, who isn’t exactly who he appears to be.  Heather Liddycoat is the sympathetic woman who invites him home. Her husband, Patrick Green, reluctantly agrees.  Stuart Bennett and Jasmin Savoy Brown share the house, and the danger, of a bringing a stranger home.  The neighbors, Mike Hawkins and Peter Young, steal to eat. Patty Gray does what she can as the Sheriff in the area.

I’m also stepping in front of camera for the role that is too creepy for any other actor to play. You will want me to die.

This week I’ll be gathering props, securing locations and figuring out costumes. This is also the final week to purchase external hard drives and flash cards for recording and storing the film.

We are 60% funded. That’s enough to get started, but not enough to finish.

Help us get this movie in the proverbial can:

Everyone who donates will receive the digital download of the full feature film. And that’s better than a t-shirt or poster. 

Be the first to see the film: Fund the film. It’s simple. And your resources will help a lot of other people do the work they do best.


I Will Remember You

•February 5, 2013 • 6 Comments

I will remember the lives we shared together. I will remember the jokes, the funny pictures, the outrages, the moments we longed for change.

And I remember how things used to be.

When we made my first movie (ANGORA RANCH) everything was a challenge, from the casting process to the film’s distribution. It took nearly a year after the film’s completion before it was listed on IMDb (Internet Movie Database). It was a struggle for acceptance, a struggle to prove the work we were doing meant something to somebody.

Sunday evening I submitted FORGOTTEN HERO to IMDb as a new listing. By Monday afternoon the film was on the site. Today I added the cast to the listing, some of whom are receiving their first credit with IMDb. It is amazing how much difference experience and a track record makes, how many challenges are less daunting.

Thanks to Kate Young at KEY Talent Management in Eugene, Oregon this was the easiest film I’ve ever cast. In one afternoon I met 30 talented performers, none of whom I’d ever seen before,  and six hours later I had the team that will make FORGOTTEN HERO unforgettable.

And this film is coming together so quickly and hassle-free I am simply amazed. Doors to locations are being unlocked, time schedules are aligning, equipment is being loaned and shipped. Paul Fleck, the former marketing executive at Paramount Pictures, is handling the film’s distribution publicity and marketing.

This will be the fastest film I’ve ever produced. I didn’t even have the idea for this movie before Christmas. In six weeks we begin filming.

I’m making this movie because I want to remember this time in our life – five years after the financial crash – and the resiliency to survive. I want to remember the gorgeous mountains, the snows, the lingering rain, and roaring waterfalls. I want to remember the people, who open their hearts without expecting anything in return, simply because they want to share their stories.

This year I’ll continue documenting stories in JACK’S COFFEE TALK, while creating the fictional tale of FORGOTTEN HERO. What I learn from the people interviewed in JACK’S COFFEE TALK inspires the FORGOTTEN HERO feature film. This story could never be told by someone who hasn’t lived here or doesn’t understand this life. My greatest hope is FORGOTTEN HERO will lure you into a world that feels undeniably real. 

Please join us in this adventure in the rain forest.  Join the FORGOTTEN HERO page on Facebook, like the FORGOTTEN HERO page on IMDb, contribute to the film’s success on IndieGoGo.

We would like a few things that will help us make the movie: Gas money, hot food in the middle of a cold and wet day, a few external hard drives to house the film’s footage. And I would like Patrick Henderson’s help on set, recording sound and helping me keep everything prepared for  shooting.

I will make a movie for you if you can help make the movie for me. The best way to help right now is on this IndieGoGo campaign.

No one will ever forget FORGOTTEN HERO.

Because you’ll make this movie happen, I will always remember you.


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